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La Verne San Dimas Pop Warner Assoc.

La Verne San Dimas Pop Warner Assoc.

Cheer Overview

Cheerleading was officially recognized in the 1970's, but has been a part of the Pop Warner program for several decades. The first ever National Cheerleading competition was held in DeKalb County, GA.  

Today, over, 160,000 children are participating in cheerleading and dance around the United States.

Participation in the Pop Warner Spirit Program provides kids an opportunity to perform in an organized, supervised, safety-oriented environment.

Pop Warner programs emphasize fun for all and encourage the development of qualities important long after Pop Warner days are gone.

The Spirit Program is growing in numbers each year due to the popularity of the sport. In an effort to keep pace with the many new changes in the cheer & dance industry, there are a few basic rules that are unique to Pop Warner Spirit Squads.

The Road to the National Championships

For a cheerleading or dance team, the difficult road to the National Championship Level is somewhat similar to that of the football teams’. Each spirit squad will showcase their best (2:30) two minute and thirty second routine complete with cheering, dancing, tumbling and stunting at a conference / national championship level. The top squads advance to regional and National competitions as qualifiers in each small, medium and large category, and in each Novice, Intermediate and Advanced level category.

At these competitions, a spirit squad will, again, perform their top (2:30) two-minute and thirty second routine in hopes of winning. The first and second place squads in the region in each small, medium and large category, Novice, Intermediate and Advanced are invited to perform at competitions in Las Vegas Nevada and Orlando Florida,  in hopes of winning a National Championship for their local association. 

The participants in the Pop Warner program are unique as opposed to those of other programs. While they are taught about the values of competition, they are also maintaining their grades at a satisfactory level in order to attain the ultimate prize of being named a Pop Warner National Champion. We salute all the efforts and accomplishments that our participants put forward!

For more Information don't hesitate to contact Renee Lenaburg Pasos our Cheer Coordinator with any questions call or text (562)247-6100 or email to [email protected] 


@ (562)247-6100


Does you child love to shout, dance, jump around, play games, or compete with others? Or maybe you child is shy and has a hard time making friends. If yes, then LVSD Knights Cheerleading is the sports program for them. As Knights with Pop Warner, we encourage and maintain a family team atmosphere, safety, and positive work ethic both on and off the field and competition floor.


LVSD is a fully circle Cheerleading Organization. What we mean by this is that we are not only a competition team. We also cheer on our football players every Saturday during their season, we participate in various events throughout the year like parades, performances, and FUNDRAISING, FUNDRAISING, FUNDRAISING. 

Cheerleading is a sport just like any other and with enrollment in our league that requires a level of commitment just like any other sport as well. School grades, attendance, and safety are our main focuses. We strive for a winning season every year and with that requires a full commitment from both you as parents and your cheerleaders. What we mean by this is the effort to be at every practice no matter the situation, every game, every performance, and EVERY FUNDRAISER. 

PRACTICES and Workouts

Our Pre-season workouts will begin Tuesday March 7, 2023, from 6 pm – 8 pm and continue every Friday until April 22, 2023.

Beginning April 23, 2023, to June 24, 2023, workouts will increase to 2 days a week. These workouts will be held every Tuesday, and Thursday, from 6 pm – 8 pm.

From June 25, 2023, to July 30th, 2023, workouts will increase to 3 days a week, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 6 pm – 8 pm.

Beginning July 31and for the FULL MONTH of August practices will be held 5 days a week, from 6 pm - 8 pm at Bonita High, unless otherwise communicated by your Head coach or Cheer Coordinators.

As of September 1, 2023 until TBD, practices will be reduced to 2 - 4 days a week. These practices will be anywhere from 1.5 - 3 hours long. Typically these practice days and times will go back to Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 6 pm - 8 pm.

****MANDATORY PRACTICES BEGIN July 31st, 2023****
Starting July 31st 2023 and for the FULL MONTH of August practices will be held 5 days a week, from 6 pm - 8 pm, unless otherwise communicated by your Head coach or Cheer Coordinators. As of September 1, 2023, practices will be reduced to 2 - 4 days a week. These practices will be anywhere from 1.5 - 3 hours long. Typically these practice days and times will go back to Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 6 pm - 8 pm.

**Practice days and times are subject to change depending on weather and practice space.**



We are a full circle Cheerleading origination, meaning, not only do we compete at both the Local and National level, but we also are involved with the La Verne San Dimas community. Various events throughout the year call for a little bit more CHEER, and that's where we come in. Parades and special performances are all part of the coming season. 

Every Saturday, typically starting the end of August until mid November we will be routing on our Leagues amazing Football players. These games are held at various times and locations throughout the Los Angeles, San Bernardino and Riverside counties.

**Please be sure to communicate to our Cheer Coordinator if you have both cheer and football children enrolled in the league and would like your child to cheer for their sibling.**


WE LOVE TO COMPETE!!! As Knights we encourage and promote a safe and competitive environment. However, attending various competitions at both the local, and National level does require a lot of commitment and fundraising. Attendance is crucial to a successful cheer comp season. Routines, formations, and stunts cannot be taught and or practiced if even 1 team member is missing from practice. Our Cheer coaches and staff are willing to volunteer and put a lot of time, energy, and effort in creating and teaching award-winning competition routines, the least that we can do for them as parents is to have our children at every requested practice fundraiser and event. We do understand that this may not be possible for all, simply keeping a clear line of communication with your HEAD coach is how to ensure that your child is not affected by attendance situations.

We would like to do our best to minimize all costs to you as parents. Typically, we estimate $1300 - $1400 in which each cheerleader will have to fundraise / pay to have a successful competition season. This will take care of many fees such as competition uniform, indoor practice areas, tumbling workshops, and competition entry fees. To assist in these costs, we are asking that every cheerleader attempt to obtain a minimum of $1000 in sponsorships, forms will be sent out in the coming days with instructions as to how to complete what is being asked of you.

**Participation at competition is not required to be a cheerleader with LVSD but is HIGHLY

recommended. **


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